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January 26, 2013
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Did Romano ever tell you how much he loves Tomatoes? His brown eyes stared endlessly across the street, where a small stall full of the vibrant red fruits stood tall and proud amongst the busy street. His belly rumbled slightly and in an instant his hand was covering the area, his cheeks flushing only slightly from the slip of embarrassment at his body making such noises. But then again, Tomatoes weren't the thing that had brought him to the stall today, for once. It was the beautiful ragazza who stood behind the stall that had changed his mind to stay home and had dragged him out of his house, to walk the fifteen minute journey to the small town of Calitri. The Tomatoes were just an added bonus.

Although she only wore normal blue jeans, white t-shirt and a green apron, her (h/l) (h/c) hair was always left to flow effortlessly in the Spring breeze, and no matter the distance, you could always see her (e/c) orbs shining amongst her scarlet produce. Romano clenched his fists. How stupid could he be?! Falling for a girl who he had never talked to! He growled at himself slightly. He didn't even have the confidence to go to the stall. Although, those tomatoes did look good. His tired eyes darted around, begging for an excuse to cross the street and talk to her. That's when those magic words echoed from her mouth in birdsong, "Fresh Tomatoes! Best in the whole of South Italy! Spring brings the best Tomatoes!" She called out, a big smile on her face. He automatically grinned, that is definitely a good enough reason!

(Meanwhile across the street...)

You couldn't help but silently giggle to yourself. Around ten minutes ago you had noticed a rather handsome, reddy-brown haired man staring at the stall from across the street. At first you thought he was eyeing you, but then he grabbed at his belly and went as red as the very tomatoes you were selling. Wow, he must love Tomatoes to be staring at them all the while. So you decided to get him over to the stall. "Fresh Tomatoes! Best in the whole of South Italy! Spring brings the best Tomatoes!" You declared, grinning as the mans face lit up in a matter of moments. Oh you were good.

The man slowly but surely walked over to the stall, and only then did you notice the curl on the side of his head. Once again, your grin expanded like a Cheshire cats. God that curl of his was cute. You mentally slapped yourself. You're meant to be selling tomatoes, not bidding for men! "Ciao Signore! Would you like to buy some fresh Tomatoes? They are currently in their best state and were hand picked only this morning!" You smiled at him sincerely. It was true, you had gotten up early to pick the ripe fruits from the fields. You just loved tomatoes, who didn't? You had yet to meet some one who didn't.

"N-no, I don't want a to-tomato!" He struggled slightly to say the last word, you noticed his hands clenching, "I do not have any money, ragazza! And anyway I'm sure I could get better somewhere else!" You tilted your head slightly, well, either he's always like this or he's nervous, "I assure you Signore, these are the best you can get!"
"Prove it, stupido r-ragazza!"
"Gladly Signore!" You giggled, he was definitely nervous. As to why, you didn't know. But nevertheless your mind was set on proving him wrong. You had the best tomatoes in the whole of Italy and you knew it. Your fingers danced elegantly through a small pile of tomatoes and effortlessly picked one of the best out. Reaching over the stall, you plopped the red tomato into his hand that he had held out to you. "Now, you go ahead and eat it, if you want more you come back, sí?" You urged, looking into his brown eyes that had widened at your small gift. He in turn nodded twice, "Sí bella- but I'm not coming back if the Tomato tastes like merda!" You grinned at his rant and turned back to the stall, greeting another small bunch of approaching customers. You didn't notice the man slip away back across the street.

(Over at the other side of the street with Romano...)

His chest rose and sank quicker than he thought was both healthy and possible, sweat dripped down the side of his face as he stared down at the fruit in his hand. Slowly he lifted the Tomato and took a small bite, the fruits delicious juices spilling into his mouth as he did. He grinned in satisfaction. The ragazza wasn't kidding when she said they were the best Tomatoes that were available on the market! He looked back at her, and almost melted when he saw that sweet smile on her face. His face went as red as the tomato in his palm and he had to drag his sight away from her amazing body that he had noted whilst at the store. His heart fluttered slightly, he could remember her voice which was melodious and enchanting; refreshing as a warm summers breeze. He smiled, taking another bite of the Tomato she had so gratefully given him. He now knew two things. One, he was coming back tomorrow to get more of those delicious tomatoes. Two, he was in love with the tomato girl across the street.
I hope you enjoyed! I actually hit an artists/authors block, and this has helped me get over it. I may need to write a bit more before I'm back into the swing of things!

Romano (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Story/Plot (c) Me
You (c) Romano :iconyayromanoplz:
The preview image is not mine, I take no credit for the preview image!
PART TWO: [link]
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Peacebuggy Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Tomatoes actually are a vegetable, supreme court ruled them a veggie, due to the fact they are cooked differently and taxed different. I  think it only applies to the USA though.
kaorusgirlfriend Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
hehe yeah, 'cause here in Canada most of us know it as a fruit 
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